Long ago, people came here for the healthful qualities of the mineral rich artisan springs that gave Red Springs its name. Today, they come to Red Springs, North Carolina for many reasons.But  mostly for the the "peace of mind" only a small town can give. It allows families to have a sense of belonging to a community that is diverse and friendly.

Red Springs has many attributes that makes it more than a bedroom community. It would be better described as a "family room" community. It has affordable housing, public and private education, access to quality healthcare, with municipal services and a full range of community programs. 

Red Springs has a surprisingly sophisticated community. Residents can enjoy the cultural amenities of five area colleges . A historical museum with information since the town's beginning in 1775 to our local hometown hero Retired NASA Astronaut William McArthur Jr., who flew on four shuttle space missions.

Come and enjoy your visit in Red Springs and its surrounding areas, and just maybe your new home.