Lineman Career Development Program

Serving Our Community

The Lineman Career Development Program is a voluntary training program available to ElectriCities members and approved by the North Carolina Department of Labor. It exceeds the training mandates as outlined in the Federal Register 1910.269 Subpart R and 1926.95 Subpart V of the OSHA regulations guide.

The program provides a way for municipal powerline technicians to increase their skills and knowledge. If properly administered, a technician’s work performance will become proficient regardless of his experience level. Each employee is required to be trained and proficient at his assigned task.

Linemen enrolled in the program will learn to install, repair and maintain electric systems. They will gain an understanding of electricity and, in the more advanced levels, gain supervisory experience and knowledge of complex electric operations.

The resource guide provides procedures that must be followed in order to complete the Lineman Career Development Program. Included in this guide are the four recommended levels of training, registration procedures, how to order program materials, recording procedures, an index of modules, and examination procedures.



The ElectriCities Safety & Training staff is available to help you in making this program a success.