Town of Red Springs sits on top of a natural "Aquifer" for its water.

Town History

"Slante mhor agad!"  (Great Health to You!)*

Red Springs is located in the upper coastal plains of North Carolina, in the healthful long-leaf pine section of Upper Robeson County. It is 204 feet above sea level and has a mild climate.

It's mineral springs were known for their beneficial qualities long before the town came into being, and later became a mecca for many who were benefited by these health-giving waters. The name of the town is derived from the rust colored sediment, caused by iron and sulfur deposits in the water.

The history of the town goes back to March 11, 1775 when "Sailor" Hector McNeill, one of the first known settlers in this immediate community, received a grant of land from King George the III of England, signed by Josiah Martin, Governor of the Province. He also purchased an adjoining tract that had been granted to a George Sizemore in 1767.  The little stream back of the Middle School buildings is known as Sizemore Branch. These grants cover the present town, including the Flora MacDonald Academy campus.

*Scottish saying, as a reminder of the Scottish Heritage, and the mineral springs the town is known for.