Employee Forms & Benefits


 Employee Fringe Benefits (All Full-Time Employees)

  1. Annual Leave/Vacation Leave 
  2. Paid Sick Leave 
  3. Paid Holidays as designated by the Town 
  4. Workers’ Compensation
  5. FICA/Medicare
  6. Employer paid health insurance offered through BCBS
  7. Employer paid Dental Insurance Dental Plan II
  8. Employer paid Vision Insurance offered by VSP
  9. Employer paid Life Insurance & AD&D
  10. Dependent insurances avaliable (Employee paid only) 
  11. Retirement through NC Local Government Retirement System 
  12. NC 401(k) Employer Law Enforcement Employee may contribute up to 18%/General Employee 2%
  13. Paid Civil Leave 
  14. Paid Military Leave 
**** Additional benefits are offered by the town, through Colonial Supplemental Insurance at the expense of the employee. Colonial offers insurance such as disability, accident, cancer, critical illness, hospital confinement and life insurance. Humana also offers life insurance to all employees and their dependents.
All information on insurances and supplemental insurance plans are avaliable through Human Resources.