About Red Springs

Long ago, people came here for the healthful qualities of the mineral rich artisan springs that gave Red Springs its name. Today, they come to Red Springs, North Carolina for many reasons.But  mostly for the the "peace of mind" only a small town can give. It allows families to have a sense of belonging to a community that is diverse and friendly.

Red Springs has many attributes that makes it more than a bedroom community. It would be better described as a "family room" community. It has affordable housing, public and private education, access to quality healthcare, with municipal services and a full range of community programs. 

Red Springs has a surprisingly sophisticated community. Residents can enjoy the cultural amenities of five area colleges . A historical museum with information since the town's beginning in 1775 to our local hometown hero Retired NASA Astronaut William McArthur Jr., who flew on four shuttle space missions.

Come and enjoy your visit in Red Springs and its surrounding areas, and just maybe your new home.


A Legend of the Springs: Why the Water is Red

An Indian Brave at sunset, returning wearied from the day's hunt, knelt to drink from the deep spring that bubbled cool and refreshing from the sands beneath the towering pines.  He thought to rest awhile before seeking the lodge where a dark eyed maiden waited. But alas, his rival for the maiden's hand, lurking in the forest, sent a death arrow into the quiet waters and sank from sight.  Only the bronze-hued blanket flung across his shoulder was left silently on the surface. 

And even today when the late afternoon sun throws its slanting rays through the trees, the dying light catches the gleam of the blanket that lies just beneath the surface off the water. 

Gone long since is the wide, deep pool from which the Indians drank and to which many years later, journeyed plantation families seeking the pleasant, health-giving water.  In its place came pipes from which the same medicated water gushed freely, leaving behind the familiar russet sediment. 

Summer cottages, a hotel and a few permanent home began to cluster about the spring and a tiny village came into being and took its name from its famous water.  

(From an advertisement by Hotel Townsend - S.R. Townsend, Proprietor, which appeared in the May 5, 1892 issue of The Red Springs Comet.)


Vonte Leach

Mr. Vonte Leach NFL Player with the Baltimore Ravens meets with Mayor John M. McNeill and Chief Ronnie Patterson to discuss his upcoming Youth Football Program. Mr. Leach each year while in the NFL has been returning to Robeson County to help build the character and motivation of young men and women.