Economic Development

From Mayor John M. McNeill to Prospective Business Clients

"I would like to invite you to consider locating your business in our town. Red Springs, a great place to live and work, is undergoing an economic rebirth. We now need for you to take a look at our town as your newest location.

Red Springs, with over 20,000 potential customers within a 15 minute drive time, has two heavily traveled highways generating thousands of cars daily. Many retailers have overlooked us until recently. Perhaps you should find out why our town has recently begun a business rebirth.

The town government and our citizens would enjoy the opportunity to work with you in making a decision to locate in our town. I will assure you that the town’s governing body and staff will work with you in every way possible to see that your decision to locate in Red Springs is as smooth as possible.

Red Springs is ethnically diverse, historically rick and most all, it has a population of great people who treat our businesses as not only a place to shop, but as neighbors and friends who are an integral part of our community.

Please, come and see for yourself, we would be honored for you to join us."